Our Works

       With a fair understanding of modern day’s requirements of 

       individuals, we have been successful in providing our clients with the

       desired solutions and receiving applause in return.

Education App

Connecting Students and Teachers

A smart virtual platform that connects the students and teachers, the Education App serves as an effective learning tool. This tablet and mobile app is a two-way tool that helps the students to take assessment tests and teachers to evaluate these tests. The scores are put up on the respective dashboards for the users to view.

Defense App (Motorola)

Defense System Made Stronger

We are proud to showcase the Defense App, a solution that                        strengthens the defense system by connecting the personnel                across different defense organizations. With this app, they can            inform the entire system regarding  emergencies so that they                        can be handled cohesively and effectively.

Driverless Shuttle App

A High-tech App Based On The IoT

The innovative Drxvcxvcxbxiverless Shuttle App harnesses the futuristic technology of the Internet of Things to navigate a driverless shuttle. We consider this app as one of the best amongst the mobility solutions we have designed. The high-tech app earns us a position amongst the leaders in the app development domain.


Online Liquor Delivery App

An app for Android and iPhone, Tiplur helps the users to order their alcoholic drinks online in Gurgaon. It connects the user to the nearest liquors stcxvcxvxcxcbore so that they can shop their favorite drinks right from where they are and have them delivered fast. What more, they can order snacks too and have a party anywhere, anytime!


Smart App For Parent-School Communication

Virch is an Android app which serves as a mobile-based school information system. It facilitates reliable communication between the school and the paxvxvxvxrents. The app enables parents to access important information using their phones and also helps the schools to minimize the communication turnaround time.

Flash Notification

Making Your Smartphone Smarter

The Flash Notification app makes the smartphone smarter by enhancing its functionality with a flash notification that alerts the user on incoming call or SMS. It enables the users to choose and set this notification in the form of a specified number of blinks when the smartphone is silent or in vibration mode.